Mystery Prize Cashword

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Top Prize$10,000

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How to Play
1. Scratch off all YOUR LETTERS.
2. Gently rub, mark or circle the same letter each time it is found on the CASHWORD puzzle.  For example, if the letter E is revealed in YOUR LETTERS, rub all E’s in the CASHWORD puzzle.
1. The words to be completed are shown on the CASHWORD puzzle.
2. If the revealed 18 letters form 3 or more completed words on the CASHWORD puzzle, you win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND.  
3. You must match all the letters of a word on the CASHWORD puzzle to have a complete word.  Every single letter in a word on the CASHWORD puzzle must be revealed in YOUR LETTERS.
4. A complete word must contain every single letter of a horizontal or vertical word on the CASHWORD puzzle.
5. Each complete word on the CASHWORD puzzle
a. consists of a string of 3 or more unbroken letters.
b. occupies an entire word space between two black spaces.
c. is not interrupted by a blank black space.
d. is not formed by linking letters diagonally.
e. is not formed by reading letters from the bottom to the top or right to left.
6. The complete words in the CASHWORD puzzle are defined by the Vermont Lottery and are the only words that can be used to win a prize in the CASHWORD game.

MYSTERY PRIZE If you reveal 3 complete WORDS, 4 complete WORDS or 5 complete WORDS in the CASHWORD puzzle, scratch the MYSTERY PRIZE area next to the maximum number of completed WORDS revealed to uncover your MYSTERY PRIZE. 
Enter to Win
Enter your non-winning Mystery Prize Cashword tickets into the Vermont Lottery’s 2nd Chance Top Prize and Quarterly drawings. Click here to become a member of our 2nd Chance Club. Stay up to date by visiting the 2nd Chance site often, checking on draw dates, times, and scanning the winner’s page to see if you’ve won a prize.