Advertising Guidelines


The Vermont Lottery strongly supports truthful and responsible product advertising that promotes Lottery games as a form of entertainment while reminding consumers to play Vermont Lottery games responsibly. Below are the Vermont Lottery’s current advertising guidelines: 

  1. Lottery players and Vermonters must be represented in a positive manner.


  2. The use of humor is acceptable. However, not at the expense of a person's gender, race, religion, emotional or psychiatric state, political position, family situation, financial position, job status or place of residence.


  3. Lottery games must be advertised responsibly and realistically. Do not mislead players by promising riches and/or a drastic life change, and/or an easy win.


  4. Do not promote lottery games as the cure for financial problems.


  5. Encourage responsible play.


  6. Promote lottery games as a form of entertainment.


  7. Do not use children in lottery advertising or create advertising that appeals to children.


  8. When reasonable, promote the benefits of Vermont in lottery advertising. For example, Vermont's scenic beauty, agricultural products, Vermont products, and consider co-promotions with other Vermont agencies and producers.


  9. Advertise prize amounts accurately. For example, if a game has a $1 million top prize and is paid over 20 years, indicate that the top prize is annuitized; or clearly state the number of tier winners in an instant game instead of using misleading terms such as, "tons of winners" or "loads of winners."


  10. Include the “odds” of winning on all instant game tickets, and on all television and radio ads for online jackpot games, where practicable.


  11. Respect Vermonters and lottery players and create advertising that demonstrates that the Vermont Lottery is advertising and operating responsibly.


  12. Prominently display the, "Please Play Responsibly" logo on all advertising materials.