Amber Alert

The Amber Alert Plan was originally started in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1996 after the abduction and murder of a nine year old girl, Amber Hagerman. This emergency broadcast response alert is a statewide innovative program that partners the state’s law enforcement community, media broadcasting agencies, and the public in locating abducted children. It provides the public with immediate and up-to-date information about child abduction via widespread media broadcasts and solicits the public’s help in the safe and swift return of the child.

Speed is essential in distributing child kidnapping information, as the first few hours after abduction are the most critical. The AMBER Alert will encourage the public to look for the kidnapped child and to call the police immediately if they have any information to assist in the child’s safe recovery.

How the Vermont Lottery Participates:

The Vermont Lottery is a proud partner of the Vermont Amber Alert network.  In the event that an AMBER Alert is issued, approximately 700 ticket terminals and each player advertising display unit at Lottery retail locations will broadcast emergency notices alerting the public that a child has been abducted and is believed to be in imminent danger.  Every Lottery terminal will also print out the full Amber Alert message for customers to read.  The player advertising displays provide information related to the Amber Alert to include photographs if available.  When the Amber Alert is cancelled the terminals are notified and the Amber Alert information is removed from the on-line tickets and player advertising displays.

Cooperation between the Lottery, law enforcement agencies and the media allows for maximum public participation.  By working together, the chances of recovering a child can be dramatically improved.

For more information related to the Vermont Amber Alert Network please select an image below or contact your local law enforcement agency:

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