Agent FAQs

  • What should I do if a Lottery ticket does not scan properly?

    For the Scratch Ticket Games there are 3 different ways to confirm if a ticket is a winner.  

    • By scanning the barcode located in the scratching area.  


    • If this barcode is damaged and cannot be scanned, scan the barcode from the back of the ticket then you will be prompted to enter the 3 digit boxed portion from the serial number located in the scratching area.


    • If the scanner is just not working push the cash button on your terminal and select “instant”.  You will be prompted first to enter the game, pack and ticket number from the back barcode or from the white box at bottom left corner of the ticket. Next you must enter the VIRN number (serial number located in scratching area) skipping the first 4 digits and last digit.  Then you will be prompted to enter the 3 digit boxed number.  


    If none of these methods work, give the ticket to the customer and have them mail the ticket to the Lottery at the address on the back of the ticket.


    For Draw Games and Fast Play Games – (for tickets printed from Lottery thermal ticket rolls) if scanning the barcode does not work then select the cash key on your terminal and select “online”.  You will then be prompted to enter the 35 digit validation number (serial number) from the ticket which is located underneath the printed on date near the top of the ticket (it is also located at the bottom just above the barcode).  If you cannot cash using these steps the ticket should be given back to the customer and they should mail it to the Lottery address on the back of the ticket.

  • What should I do if a Lottery ticket has been partially destroyed or altered where signed?

    When a customer presents a damaged or altered ticket:

    • If a partially torn or wet ticket will scan then you can pay the prize if all else looks normal.  


    • If a ticket has been torn apart, altered in anyway, damaged by moisture or burning, or had signature and name changes made on back, do not accept ticket.  Return ticket to player and tell them to call or mail it to the Lottery address on back of ticket.  
  • What should I do if the customer does not want to pay for the draw game ticket or Fast Play ticket they asked me to print?

    You are responsible for confirming the purchase and amount with the customer before printing any lottery ticket.  We highly recommend that you read the confirmation screen that comes up on your terminal and confirm the purchase with the customer before you print the ticket.


    The only lottery tickets that can be canceled are Megabucks Plus, Gimme 5, Pick 3 and Pick 4.  No cancellations for these games can be done during promotion periods.  Tickets that can be canceled must be cancelled at the store they where they were purchased, on the same day they were purchased, and before any draw break that might take place. 


    Canceling is never allowed for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky 4 Life, Fast Play.  When these game tickets are printed in error, the store owns the ticket and may attempt to sell it to another customer, or keep it. Tickets cannot be sent to the lottery for credit.

  • Is the Vermont Lottery system operating 24 hours a day?

    The system shuts down for just a few minutes at midnight. We do not recommend sight validating tickets during that time. It is best to wait until it comes back up.

  • Can I borrow a roll of ticket paper from another store if I run out?

    Never under any circumstance exchange or borrow Vermont Lottery ticket paper from another agent. Using another store’s ticket paper can affect winning ticket holders when they attempt to collect their prize. Order ticket paper through your terminal or contact the help desk, 24 hours a day at 877-809-8062. Always have at least two (2) spare rolls. Ticket paper needs to be put into received status when received. Ticket paper rolls need to be activated when loading a new roll.

  • What are the reports I see available on my terminal? When will I need them?

    • Activity Reports – Financial Reports or Utilities Manager Report
    • Settled, Activated, Cashes, and Returns book details – Instant Key


    Daily – can only retrieve 7 days’ activity, counting the day you are on.
    Week to Date – Starts Sunday at 12:01 am until the time the report is generated.
    Weekly – You can retrieve up to 52 individual weeks. You need to enter in the week ending date (Saturday). The default setting is for the current complete week.


  • When does the accounting week for the Lottery start and end?

    The week starts on Sunday at 12:01am and ends on Saturday at midnight.

  • When will the Lottery debit funds from my account for the weekly amount due on my invoice?

    • There is one debit for your total lottery sales each week. The amount is found on your Weekly Invoice Report.
    • Debits are done by Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT’s) on Tuesdays following week end – every week.
    • Deposits normally need to be made before Tuesday to be available on Tuesday in your account. Your bank determines how quickly deposits are available for withdrawal.
    • If there is a bank holiday on a Monday or Tuesday, EFT’s will be done on Wednesday.
  • What is the Lottery’s Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Policy?

  • How much commission do I earn for sales?

    Sales Commissions percentages:

    • All instant scratch tickets 5.75%
    • Megabucks Plus, Gimme 5, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Fast Play 5.75%
    • Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky 4 Life 6%
  • Can I earn extra commissions?

    Bonuses or incentives:
    For prizes of $500.00 or more there is a 1% bonus paid to the selling agent. Bonuses of $5.00 to $999.00 are paid through the terminal, this will show as a bonus on the weekly report. Bonuses that are $1000.00 up to $30,000.00 will be paid by check. Bonuses are capped at $30,000.00. Put your agent number on player Subscription Forms and earn the sales commission and bonus.


    Your Lottery sales representative can tell you about any incentive programs that you are eligible for.