Best Practices

  • Deactivate Instant Tickets

    Deactivate Instant Tickets at the end of each business day. This important security feature allows managers to have employees deactivate instant tickets at the end of each shift and/or at the end of each business day. The Vermont Lottery requires that each store deactivate their tickets at the close of business each day to protect the store from being liable if tickets are stolen. This function will also prevent stolen tickets from being cashed.



    CREDIT WILL BE GIVE FOR STOLEN TICKETS to agents who use this security feature. The Lottery requires agents to file a police report. Once the police report has been filed and Lottery Security has been notified, credit will be given to the agent for the stolen tickets.

    CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN if an agent fails to use this security feature and tickets are stolen while the business is closed. The agent will be financially responsible for those tickets.


    Deactivating Instant Tickets:

    • Select Instant Games at the main screen.
    • Under Security Functions:
    1. ​Select Deactivate (Note: It could take up to one minute for screen to display.)
    2. From here, you can select Book Reversed PRIOR to scanning any tickets IF your book is loaded in reverse order starting at higher number instead of ticket number 0.
    3. Using your handheld scanner, scan the barcode from the next ticket to be sold for each pack of tickets you have activated.
    4. A list will appear on the screen showing you the number and value of each book of tickets you have selected.
    5. Once you have completed scanning all your activated books, press Deactivate.
    6. A receipt will print showing what books have been deactivated.


    Reactivate Instant Tickets:

    • Select Instant Games at the main screen.
    • Under Security Functions:
    1. Select Reactivate. This will only activate the tickets you recently deactivated.
    2. A screen will appear showing a list of currently deactivated tickets.
    3. Before you select reactivate, you should print this list to verify your inventory. If your physical inventory does not match this list, contact the Help Desk at 1.877.809.8062 prior to reactivating your tickets.
    4. Select Reactivate to activate the books of tickets displayed on your screen.
    5. Once you press Reactivate, a receipt should print. If it does not, you will see the Reactivate Report detailed on your screen. You can then press Print to get a copy.
  • Keep accurate ticket inventory

    Make employees accountable for shift activity by balancing at the end of each shift – recording the ending ticket numbers on your inventory sheet.

    Lottery Ticket Inventory sheet example

  • Can I borrow a roll of ticket paper from another store if I run out?

    Never under any circumstance exchange or borrow Vermont Lottery ticket paper from another agent. Using another store's ticket paper can affect winning ticket holders when they attempt to collect their prize. Order ticket paper through your terminal or contact the help desk, 24 hours a day at 877-809-8062. Always have at least two (2) spare rolls. Ticket paper needs to be put into received status when received. Ticket paper rolls need to be activated when loading a new roll.

  • Ticket Security

    • Use Instant ticket dispensers provided by the Vermont Lottery. Avoid leaving activated tickets unsecured. Keep inactivated tickets and ticket stock locked up and out of the public’s view
    • Ensure all employees are properly trained with using the Photon terminal. Train all employees regularly on Lottery security procedures.
    • Give security cameras a clear, unobstructed view of all instant ticket dispensers and Lottery terminals, doing so can prevent theft, or assist with possible theft matters.
  • Review weekly and daily reports frequently

    Review and balance Lottery funds regularly. This is an efficient way of detecting possible employee theft. Use the following reports to spot inconsistences that may indicate theft.




    Weekly Settle Book Detail
    This will show which books of instant tickets settled during the week (invoice week). Details include game number, book number, settle date and book value This report can also be run daily and/or week to date. Compare this to your Weekly Invoice report.


    Inventory Detail
    This report displays all books and the status of those books.  Books are either “In Transit” (shipped by the Lottery but not yet received into the terminal), “Received” (scanned into the terminal as received by the agent), or “Activated” (in the dispenser and ready for sale).  Use this report to help you keep track of the status of your books. Compare this report to your physical inventory regularly.
    Book Settlements
    Use this report to determine what books have been settled. These reports can be run for a specific day, week-to-date or weekly.  The reports display the books that are settled, how they were settled (either manually or automatically), and on what date they were settled. You can compare this report to your Weekly Invoice.  Look at dates to see if books are settling faster than you normally expect compared to other books of the same price.

  •  Play Central Consoles

    Have positive control of terminal keys. Keep them secured with limited access. Cash from all Lottery terminals should be pulled from the internal cash box and deposited regularly. Review Access reports and check cash box access activity.


    Logged Events Report can be found within System Reports. This will show events such as Door Open, Door Closed, and other logged system events. This will be helpful to verify times of employee access and activity.

    Shift Report (Interim) will show the current cash balance in the Play Central. since the last reset.

    Shift Report (Closed) will show previous balances of past closed shifts.

    Anytime cash is pulled from your Play Central. it is important to Close Shift. This is accessed in the Maintenance Menu. This will reset the Shift Report (Interim) to reflect the current amount of cash in the Play Central..