What to do if ...

  • Lottery tickets are missing

    Report any missing tickets to the Vermont Lottery at 800-322-8800.

  • A robbery or break-in has occurred

    If an agent experiences a robbery they should call and report the incident to local law enforcement immediately. If a robbery should occur during normal VT Lottery business hours (Mon – Fri 7:45am – 4:30pm) resulting in the theft of any lottery tickets, agents are encouraged to call VLC at 800-322-8800 (after conducting a full inventory) to report any stolen tickets. When reporting stolen tickets to VLC please have the following information ready: agent number, agent contact name, contact phone number, information for each book of tickets stolen should include: game #, book #, ticket #’s.  If a robbery should occur outside of normal VT Lottery business hours, during the weekend or a holiday, call and report any stolen lottery tickets as soon as possible to 877-809-8062 at any time.


    Review and save security video footage.  It is good to save any security footage to an external storage device to avoid losing any footage due to your security system automatically recording over critical evidence.  

  • A customer presents a stolen ticket to claim prize money

    If someone tries to cash a stolen ticket at your store the terminal will read “Ticket unavailable for cashing. Contact Lottery Office” 


    If possible, have the customer fill out the back of the ticket and ask for identification.


    Get a description. This includes physical traits, vehicle make/model and license plate number.  This will be helpful for police.


    Call police for assistance and response.  This will give the Vermont Lottery the best chance of recovering stolen tickets.